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Hello and welcome to the Harrogate Recovery Online home page

This page has been created by AA members in Harrogate to provide information and schedules for online meetings during the Coronavirus outbreak.

For a complete list of online meetings in the UK search for "online" here > https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/AA-Meetings/Find-a-Meeting/

As meeting begin to move back to physical this page will continue to be updated as soon as information is availble. Please keep checking back!

Last Update 7th September 2022


If you think you have a problem with drinking, we are here to help.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.

If you would like to join one of our online meetings, just follow the instructions below and you will be warmly welcomed.



A 4 digit passcode will be required to gain entry to the meeting.

The passcode can be found here

You can also email harrogaterecoveryonline@gmail.com for the passcode.

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Please use the links below to join:


Monday Evening 18:00 - Harrogate -A Bridge to Normal Living - St Paul's Church, Victoria Avenue HG1 1EL

Monday Evening 19:00 - Ripon - Living Sober - St John's Baptist Chapel, Bondgate HG4 1QE 

Monday Evening 20:00 - Wetherby - Freedom in Recovery - Physical
Barleyfields Centre, Barleyfields Road, Wetherby LS22 6PN


Tuesday Evening 19:00 - Harrogate - Living in the Solution  - Friends Meeting House (Upstairs) 12A Queen Parade Harrogate HG1 5PP 

Tuesday Evening 20:00 - Knaresborough - Physical - Park Grove Methodist Church, 11 Park Grove Knaresborough HG5 9ET 


Wednesday Morning 07:00 - Harrogate - Breakfast  https://zoom.us/j/903232233

Wednesday Morning 09:45 - Harrogate - Recovery Online - https://zoom.us/j/329817817

Wednesday Evening 20:00 - Harrogate - Road To Recovery  - West Park United Reformed Church, Raglan Street HG1 1BL

Wednesday Evening 19:30 - Harrogate - Big Book Study Meeting - Friends Meeting House Queen Parade Harrogate HG1 5PP 


Thursday Evening 20:00 - Harrogate - How It Works  - Friends Meeting House 12A Queen Parade Harrogate HG1 5PP


Friday Morning 09:45 - Harrogate - Just for Today - Music Room, St Peters Church, Cambridge Rd 

Friday Morning 09:45 - Harrogate - Just for Today - Continuing in parrallel to the physical meeting above -  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86965453187


Saturday Morning 08:00 - Ripon - Morning Experience, Strength and Hope - St John's Baptist Chapel, Bondgate HG4 1QE 

Saturday Evening 18:00 - Harrogate - Newcomers - St Paul's Church, Victoria Avenue HG1 1EL


Sunday Morning 08:00 - Harrogate - On Awakening  https://zoom.us/j/948239273

Sunday Evening 19:00 - Harrogate - Step - West Park URC Church, West Park, Harrogate HG1 1BL 


A 4 digit passcode will be required to gain entry to the meeting.
The passcode can be found here

You can also email harrogaterecoveryonline@gmail.com for the passcode.

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If this is the first time you have used Zoom please follow the links above any time before the meeting and follow the instructions to install the application and sign in.

Further detailed instructions and demo video are available at the Zoom website

Detailed instructions per device type
How to connect on a PC or Mac
How to connect on an Android phone
How to connect on an iphone

Tradition 7

Every AA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

Direct Payments to North Yorkshire Intergroup 

Barclays, Sort Code is 20-75-92 and account number 60577553

Please include the reference number for your meeting when making a contribution:

Wednesday 07:00 - #52
Wednesday 09:45 - #30
Friday 09:45 - #32
Friday 18:30 - #57

Sunday 09:00 On Awakening  - PayPal


Tradition 7 contributions to GSO > https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/Members/Contributions

12 tips for a better meeting

1) To respect members anonymity and confidentiality, make sure no one else can over hear or see the Zoom meeting in your home / location. 

2) Respect all the Traditions especially Group autonomy. Anonymity is as important as ever.

3) Stick to alcoholism and recovery (Blue Card). We have no opinion on outside issues.

4) Raise your hand (on video) if you would like to share.
5) Background noise can be an issue please mute yourself when you are not talking.

6) Always check you are not muted if people cannot hear you.

7) When you sign into Zoom the first time you will be asked to enter a name, this will be visible to all users, please set it to first name and intial e.g Bill W. Your email and phone number will not be shared.

8) Zoom also allows provides a “Chat” function if you are struggling to unmute yourself, other users may be able to help you out via chat.

9) Try to make the meeting as 'normal' as possible, have the meeting format to hand and organise the readings in advance.

10) Stress the importance of the Blue Card, Yellow card, and all our usual etiquette (interrupting/ cross sharing).

11) Stick to normal meeting times. Expect latecomers and advise if necessary e.g. muting.

12) Expect any collective speaking (I am responsible / Serenity prayer) to be a bit messy.

Zoom Quality and Service

As Zoom is an Internet based service it is likely to be in high demand over the coming days and weeks. Equally your local Internet connection either home broadband or Mobile 4G is likely to be under stress as well. It is therefore possible that you may experience service issues for example difficulty connecting or video / audio stuttering.

Make sure you have the best possible local connection to the Internet e.g strong signal and 4G service on your phone. If using home broadband try to avoid other users in the house streaming TV. 

If you cannot connected wait and try again a few minutes later. If your device has been turned on for a long time a reboot may also help.

If you still cannot connect try and contact an AA group member who you think might also be joining the meeting and see if their experience is the same or different.

Connection issues are most likely local Internet problems with you device or location connection.

Good luck!

Further Help

If you have any queries please contact a Harrogate AA member who hopefully has working access or knows someone who can help. If you are really stuck please email harrogaterecoveryonline@gmail.com


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